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About Us

Our Vision

The spirit of enterprise thrives in the borough of Great Yarmouth and every local person has the opportunity to embrace enterprise by starting or growing their own businesses with ongoing support, guidance and encouragement.

As an organisation, we have a large range of aims and objectives to promote enterprise in Greater Yarmouth and we would be happy to share those with you if you are interested.  However, what is most important is that enterpriseGY is dedicated to encouraging enterprise and helping you start or grow your business.

Here is a brief summary of past successes demonstrating the strength of our commitment.

Our Successes

  • supported over 1,000 new business start ups
  • delivered over 3,500 start up training days
  • provided advice to over 5,500 clients thinking about starting or expanding in business
  • held 9 prestigious enterprise events to recognise local business achievements
  • 307 bursary applications assessed (During 2007-2011)
  • supported ‘Meet the Buyer’ events designed to increase networking and trading