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Dots & Squiggles

Dots & Squiggles enterpriseGY business advice case study - photography by Kellie Colby, www.kelliecolby.co.ukElsie excitedly helped setup the fishing game, carefully laying out her little gold fish while Grace, the music teacher, smoothed the giant felt stave across the floor.  Grabbing her miniature fishing pole designed for tiny hands, Elsie began to fish.  Once she captured her fish, Grace assisted her as she identified which type of fish she had caught.  These are not regular fish, these are musical fish that are labeled with music notes and symbols the children learn by ‘catching’ the fish.  A corresponding felt symbol is added to the giant stave so the children learn the symbol’s place in the musical world.  Elsie has learned many symbols already at only four years old.  The great part is that these visual representations transpose to actually playing the piano as well.  It was amazing to see how much Elsie could play already and even more amazing to see her abundant enthusiasm for music.  “Elsie sees representations of musical symbols everywhere, showing how interested in music she is which is attributed to these engaging learning techniques.”

photography by Kellie Colby, www.kelliecolby.co.uk


This is only one visual learning technique in Grace’s collection of learning tools designed especially for very young children.  We all know that learning music is most effective at a very young age.  We also know how difficult it is to keep young children focused long enough to learn difficult subjects like music.  Dots & Squiggles make learning music fun and easy turning “dots and squiggles” on the page into meaningful symbols in the beautiful language of music.

Grace is a qualified primary teacher working part time at teaching to fit in with her young family. She also studied music and knowing the difficulties of teaching very young children, went in search of proven methods to formulate her unique programme. Her research drew on expertise from around the world, allowing Grace to develop the unique ‘Dots & Squiggles’ programme for children from as young as four years old.  You can find out more about at dotsandsquiggles.com.

When Grace decided to move forward with her music tuition business, she turned to enterpriseGY.  Grace met with a business adviser for one to one advice which she found valuable.  She also attended the three day business workshop enterpriseGY hold each month to learn the ‘ABC’s’ of business including, marketing, web and business financials.

Grace’s next step with her business is to explore developing it in a franchise model to allow children across the UK to learn music through this proven programme.  She plans to seek advice once again with enterpiseGY’s franchise expert to take the next steps in growing her business.  “I would recommend anyone interested in starting a business to speak with enterpriseGY first for some initial guidance. I attended a free course on startups called the ABCs of business which not only increased my knowledge base but perhaps more importantly, gave me the confidence to make the leap. I already have my next list of questions for the helpful experts at enterprise GY!”

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