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Kirsty’s Cakery: Kirsty Fielder



Since the age of six Kirsty Fielder has been making and decorating celebration cakes. She was born in Great Yarmouth and, whilst growing up, she dreamt of opening a tea room and celebration cake company. This was mainly fuelled by her grandfather who owned the Tollhouse Tea Rooms. Finally her dream has come true and Kirsty’s Cakery has opened in the historic Anna Sewell House, near St Andrew’s Church.

Kirsty began her career as a baker at the age of 15, making and decorating celebration cakes in Gorleston. The next two years were spent juggling full time work at a bakery whilst attending college to get the necessary catering qualifications.

What followed was an amazing career in a series of four star hotels around Norfolk leading to the position of Head Chef in a Dutch Hotel. Despite the lure of other European hotels Kirsty decided to return to Great Yarmouth and a job in Palmers, making cakes for the coffee shop and celebration cakes as well.

Making cakes is Kirsty’s passion and she has spent the last three years dreaming of setting up her own tea rooms. With help from Guy Gibson, a business advisor at enterpriseGY, Kirsty turned this dream into a reality.

When the Anna Sewell House became available it seemed like it was meant to be. The property owner shared Kirsty’s vision of good food and great service at reasonable prices and so Kirsty’s Cakery was born.

Visit and see what dreams are made of.