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Is there anything better than having a Sale?

Years ago the word Sale did not factor so large in the world of retailing (except to the discount stores that sold clearance items as their stock-in-trade.)

Rather than being a 52 week sledgehammer, the “Sale” was a more precise and surgical tool that was only brought out twice a year for the focussed operation of clearing out the past season’s stock. For example the September sale allowed a shop to clear the old summer stock in preparation for the new autumn range, and the January sale was to clear the old winter stock, so it could be replaced by the new spring ranges.

In fact sales were seen as an event to be talked about, for example when Harrods held their January sale it featured on the national television news, with images of long queues of shoppers waiting outside the night before, and then the obligatory scene of the mad dash into the store when the hapless staff opened up the entrance doors at 9am! 

It was around 1981 when this excellent tool was ruined when someone very “clever” in the high street chains decided to have a “Mid-season Sale”.

I can remember reading in the trade press that “Debenhams and Woolworths have set the retail sector on the slippery slope to never being able to sell at full price…”

 It may have taken a few years to come to pass but these words now ring true on every high street across the land.

 If you continually tell your customers ‘hold on, you can buy it cheaper in a couple of weeks’ time’ it is obvious you won’t sell anything today.

 So rather than falling into the trap of being at sale price all the time, look at other ways to add value to your transactions.

 Smaller specialised shops can add expert advice and guidance that the larger store can’t provide.

 Add something extra into the purchase rather than a price reduction, offer a free extra along with the main purchase, socks with the shoes, a half bottle of white if someone buys a red wine, free conditioning pack along with the salon colour treatment.

 This creates a perceived value, so the customer thinks they are getting a £6 retail value free item, but in reality it has only cost you £2.50 at wholesale price.

 Consider something that applies to your shop and the products or services that you sell.

 Also look at turning shopping into a ‘lifestyle experience’ where the customer doesn’t just buy they have fun and are made to feel very special as well.

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