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Keep them happy and coming back for more

With everything in business, making a sale is seen as the most important part of the long chain of events that start with you having your great business idea in the first place.

But where some business owners fall down is that they fail to gauge the effect of repeat transactions by the same customers.

There a lots of formulas and equations to work out the various types of customer value, and these have their place in the world of retail and commerce in general and may be worthwhile investing in further research.

However keeping things simple for the purposes of this article; it should be the default setting of your business to find ways to retain each and every customer that buys from you. Because it is more cost effective and cheaper to retain a customer than it is to keep finding new ones.

Speaking with a client recently, they told me that a business they were researching did not see repeat business as anything they were interested in; basically they saw everything as a one off.

To run any business like that is not going to bring in any future returns, plus it will see a huge drain in your future customer prospecting and marketing costs.

The basic areas to begin with are developing and integrating great customer service and the relationships you can develop, this means how your business is seen (brand-wise), how great is the quality of the products or services you are selling, what experience does each customer get when they shop with you, how do you communicate with them after a purchase has been made? Plus all the other areas of customer/business interactions.

Business relationships need to be made and maintained just as you do with personal relationships.

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