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Retail Top Tips and Techniques

enterpriseGY – bringing you weekly tips on creating some “showmanship” for your retail business.

‘What is showmanship and why will it help my shop?’

Showmanship is a long established method of using the interesting and eye catching to enhance a business.

In their classic book “Showmanship in Business” American marketers, Kenneth Goode and Zenn Kaufman wrote:

“Showmanship, in real life does four practical things: 1) Attracts attention. 2) Emphasises. 3) Emotionalises. 4) Creates action”

In today’s hustle and bustle, short attention-span world, shops have two precious seconds to convert passers-by into interested window-browsers and then into money-spending shoppers!

Two-seconds and they are gone! You must be grabbing the attention of every passer-by. Showmanship can be the magic ingredient to enhance your shops turnover.

The Event’s Almanac – planning your year of retail promotions and events

This week’s tip is to create and maintain an “Events Almanac” that lists those special holidays and other events that happen during the year that you can use to promote your shop.

Write them into your almanac and prepare and action each promotion early, for example if you are going to have a Valentines themed event, get it in the window mid-January. Don’t leave it till the day before; the aim is to attract the attention of people for enough well ahead of time.

Events happen every month that can be ‘showmanshipped’ with a themed window display or promotion, the most valuable and well known is Christmas, and stores such as Harrods and Selfridges reap massive income from the tens of thousands of extra shoppers encouraged and entranced by the winter-wonderland delights they see in the windows.

Remember your windows and promotions can also be themed from things like sporting events, the latest blockbuster movies or new books, local events such as the Maritime Festival or the Out There weekend that occur in Great Yarmouth.

Consider this. What if your shop and staff were the only one themed for a weekend in the style of a new super hero movie?

How many passers-by would say “Wow, what’s going on here?” and come in to have a look around, get their photos taken with the Hulk, Superman or Batman?  Maybe they would not all buy from you but at the very least they will remember your shop above your competitors who did nothing on that day!

Also the costs associated with these events can be used as a business expense.

A few events ideas – New Year, New You. Chinese New Year. Shrove Tuesday (pancake day). Valentine’s Day. St David’s Day. Mothering Sunday. St Patrick’s Day. Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Daylight Saving Time (big signs and clocks in the window reminding people to re-set their clocks! “Wow glad Smith and Son reminded me!”) St George’s Day. Shakespeare Day (To buy or not to buy?)  Plus many, many more.

There are websites that list holidays and sporting events, use an online search term like “list of events in UK”. Plus keep an eye open for new movie and book launches and other events to create your great showmanship promotions.

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