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Sign of the times

I have always been partial to signs, and I am saddened to see them dwindle away in today’s high street.Pointing finger, sign example

Call me sentimental but in the olden days businesses were very fond of the odd sign that got passers-by looking at it and then taking action, i.e., spending money with the shop.

If you ever look at old photographs of shops, theatres, amusement arcades or fairgrounds there were always signs, arrows and those wonderful pointing fingers enticing and beckoning people to partake and buy something.

Signs were simple and clear and abundant – “This way to the Fun House”, “Hours of fun for only 6d”, “Ice Cold Drinks Served Here”, “Come inside, we can help” etc.

As I said here last week time is in short supply in people’s lives, they are rushing around eyes glued to their phones, tweetering to distant friends and completely oblivious to your twenty feet of window display they have scuttled past!

Therefore you need to consider using signs that have simple, clear and possible eye-catching words that slow the passer-by down, give him a “soundbite”, break his chain of thought and engage his brain to look a little bit harder at how your wonderful product will benefit him today.

If you have exclusive handcrafted clothing made from the finest cottons and silks that are worn by the stars, say it! Don’t have a match-box size piece of paper with microscopic lettering; put it up in three inch (8cm) words on a sign!

Is your bread just out of the oven? Is it still warm and just waiting for a pat of butter to ooze across it?

“Only twenty for sale! Who will be lucky today?”

Again write out your person-stopping message for your freshly baked bread or hot meat pies in big letters on your sign.

Plus if you are feeling brave add a lovely arrow as well!

If you want to speak with me, I’m the one with the giant finger pointing at me on the Conge! (Only in my imagination at the moment)

Stephen Barron, Business Adviser

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